clint august voice actor2 200x300 Clint August Voice Overs

Clint has enjoyed doing voices for as long as he can remember. With Peter Sellers being his favorite actor in the Pink Panther movies, he would impersonate him to entertain his family members as a child and his love for characters, dialects and whacky sounds grew into a career. He has fooled Jay Leno of the Tonight Show on three different occasions (along with many radio stations around the country), with Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Crocodile Hunter and Keanu Reeves.
At age 28, Clint got into the radio business where he not only peformed many pranks with his wide range of voices, he also did many voice over projects for businesses around San Diego and accross the Country. He’s done voicework for Harley Davidson, Discovery Channel, Comic-Con International, Haunted Hotel, Purina, Ford, Sony Online Entertainment and many more.
Clint can take you to Ireland, Scottland, Jamaicha, Germany, England and just about everywhere else, with his vocal arsenal.
Whether you need animation, character, straight reads or impersonations, you will discover that Clint is a one stop voice shop.

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